Swizzle & Swirl
La Paloma
El Jimador reposado tequila, grapefruit juice, simple syrup, lime juice, club soda with a salt rim
Recommended grey13Icon spirit glass
Beefeater gin, house-made lemon sour, agave nectar, ginger ale
Recommended grey13Icon spirit glass
French Martini
Svedka vodka, Chambord, pineapple juice, club soda
Recommended grey13Icon spirit glass
Wise Old Man
Grant's blended scotch whisky, domaine de canton ginger liqueur, mint leaves & house-made lemon sour
Recommended grey13Icon spirit glass
Cosmo on the Rocks
Smirnoff vodka, Ketel One Citroen, triple sec, lime juice, cranberry juice
Recommended grey13Icon spirit glass
Vintage Inspired Cocktails
Create Your Own Old Fashioned
Your choice of Maker's Mark Bourbon, 1792 Ridgemont Bourbon, Bulleit Rye Whiskey, Old Forester Bourbon, Knob Creek Rye
Recommended grey13.5Icon spirit glass
Smoke on the Water
Mount Gay Eclipse Rum, Banhez Joven Mezcal, freshly squeezed lime juice & simple syrup
Recommended grey13.5Icon spirit glass
Blueberry Spiced Mojito
Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, muddled blueberries, fresh mint leaves, ginger ale & a splash of soda
Recommended grey13.5Icon spirit glass
Ruby Red Greyhound
Deep Eddy Ruby Red Grapefruit Vodka, lime and ruby red grapefruit juices, grapefruit bitters & a splash of soda
Recommended grey13.5Icon spirit glass
The Bonnie & Clyde
Pisco Porton Acholado, fresh cucumber, fresh blueberries, fresh mint leaves & freshly squeezed lime juice
Recommended grey13.5Icon spirit glass
Georgia Peach Tea
Deep Eddy Peach Vodka, sweet tea, REAL peach puree & house-made lemon sour
Recommended grey13.5Icon spirit glass
Palmetto Breeze
Pisco Porton, pineapple juice, mint leaves, cucumber, lemon sour, syrup, soda
Recommended grey13.5Icon spirit glass
Stone Fruit Smash
Tin Cup Whiskey, apricot preserves, lemon sour
Recommended grey13.5Icon spirit glass
Hand Crafted Cocktails
Alabama Bramble
Clyde May's Alabama Whiskey, agave nectar, rhubarb bitters, fresh mint, blackberries, soda
Recommended grey13.5Icon spirit glass
Caribbean Pearl
Svedka Grapefruit Jalapeno Vodka, Ancho Reyes Chile liqueur, Tres Agaves Agave Nectar, bitters & lemon sour
Recommended grey13.5Icon spirit glass
Dirty Goose Martini
Grey Goose vodka, Carpano dry vermouth, olive juice, speared blue cheese stuffed olives
Recommended grey13.5Icon spirit glass
French Quarter Spritz
Hendrick's Gin, Aperol & house-made lemon sour topped with Chloe Prosecco
Recommended grey13.5Icon spirit glass
Manhattan Eastside
Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Domaine de Canton, ginger liqueur, house-made lemon sour & Filthy Amarena black cherries
Recommended grey13.5Icon spirit glass
Nola Mule
Reyka Icelandic Vodka, 1821 Ginger Beer, freshly squeezed lime juice, simple syrup
Recommended grey13.5Icon spirit glass
Raspberry Rosemary Cosmo
Skyy Raspberry Vodka, Cointreau, freshly squeezed lime juice, cranberry juice, muddled raspberries & fresh rosemary
Recommended grey13.5Icon spirit glass
Rosé Lemonade
Ketel One vodka, Ketel One Citroen vodka, D'orsay Rosé, lemon sour, lemon wedge, raspberries
Recommended grey13.5Icon spirit glass
Ruth's Aviation
Aviation American Gin, Maraschino, Creme de Violette, lemon sour
Recommended grey13.5Icon spirit glass
Thai Lime Margarita
Maestro Dobel Tequila, Hangar One Lime Vodka,Tres Agaves Organic Agave Nectar, Cointreau & lime juice
Recommended grey13.5Icon spirit glass
Corsair RedNot recommended grey15Icon spirit glass
LucidRecommended grey15Icon spirit glass
Blended Scotch
Johnnie Walker "Blue Label"Not recommended grey48Icon spirit glass
Johnnie Walker "Platinum Label"Not recommended grey25Icon spirit glass
Johnnie Walker "Black Label"Not recommended grey13Icon spirit glass
Cutty Sark "Prohibition"Not recommended grey12.25Icon spirit glass
Chivas Regal "12 Year"Not recommended grey12.5Icon spirit glass
Dewar's "White Label"Not recommended grey11.75Icon spirit glass
Monkey ShoulderNot recommended grey12Icon spirit glass
The Famous GrouseNot recommended grey10.5Icon spirit glass
Sheep DipNot recommended grey10Icon spirit glass
Grant'sNot recommended grey9.5Icon spirit glass
J&BNot recommended grey9Icon spirit glass
Bourbons and Whiskeys
Pappy Van Winkle "23 Year Family Reserve"Not recommended grey175Icon spirit glass
Whistle Pig "The Boss Hog V"Not recommended grey150Icon spirit glass
Pappy Van Winkle "20 year Family Reserve"Not recommended grey150Icon spirit glass
Pappy Van Winkle "12 Year Old" Special ReserveNot recommended grey80Icon spirit glass
William Larue WellerNot recommended grey60Icon spirit glass
Knob Creek "25th Anniversary"Not recommended grey55Icon spirit glass
George T. StaggNot recommended grey50Icon spirit glass
E.H. Taylor "Straight Rye"Not recommended grey35Icon spirit glass
George Stagg JrNot recommended grey32Icon spirit glass
E.H. Taylor "Single Barrel"Not recommended grey30Icon spirit glass
Jack Daniel's "Sinatra Select"Not recommended grey28Icon spirit glass
Blanton'sNot recommended grey22Icon spirit glass
E.H. Taylor "Small Batch"Not recommended grey20Icon spirit glass
Jack Daniel's "Single Barrel" Barrel ProofNot recommended grey18Icon spirit glass
Sazerac "6 Year Rye"Not recommended grey16Icon spirit glass
Booker'sNot recommended grey16Icon spirit glass
Nikka "Coffey Grain"Not recommended grey15Icon spirit glass
Jack Daniel's "Single Barrel"Not recommended grey15Icon spirit glass
Eagle Rare "10 Year Single Barrel"Not recommended grey14Icon spirit glass
Stranahan'sNot recommended grey14.5Icon spirit glass
Buffalo TraceNot recommended grey14Icon spirit glass
Whistle Pig Rye "10 Year"Not recommended grey14.75Icon spirit glass
Baker'sNot recommended grey14Icon spirit glass
Angel's EnvyNot recommended grey14Icon spirit glass
Old Forester "1897 Bottled-in-Bond"Not recommended grey13.75Icon spirit glass
Woodford Reserve "Double Oaked"Not recommended grey13.75Icon spirit glass
Jefferson's ReserveNot recommended grey13.25Icon spirit glass
Gentleman JackNot recommended grey13Icon spirit glass
Basil Hayden's "Dark Rye"Not recommended grey12Icon spirit glass
Pendleton 1910 RyeNot recommended grey12.5Icon spirit glass
Redemption RyeNot recommended grey12Icon spirit glass
Bastille French WhiskyNot recommended grey12.25Icon spirit glass
1792 Small BatchNot recommended grey12Icon spirit glass
Templeton RyeNot recommended grey12.25Icon spirit glass
Four Roses "Small Batch"Not recommended grey12.5Icon spirit glass
Clyde May'sNot recommended grey12.25Icon spirit glass
Woodford ReserveNot recommended grey12.25Icon spirit glass
Knob Creek "Rye"Not recommended grey12Icon spirit glass
Basil Hayden'sNot recommended grey12.75Icon spirit glass
TincupNot recommended grey11.75Icon spirit glass
BulleitNot recommended grey11.5Icon spirit glass
Bulleit RyeNot recommended grey11.5Icon spirit glass
Knob CreekNot recommended grey11.75Icon spirit glass
Old ForesterNot recommended grey10.75Icon spirit glass
Maker's MarkNot recommended grey10.75Icon spirit glass
Jack Daniel's "Tennessee Rye"Not recommended grey9.75Icon spirit glass
Jack Daniel's "Tennessee Fire"Not recommended grey9.75Icon spirit glass
FireballNot recommended grey9.5Icon spirit glass
Jim BeamNot recommended grey9.25Icon spirit glass
Jack Daniel'sNot recommended grey9.75Icon spirit glass
Cognac, Brandy, & Armagnac
Rémy Martin "Louis XIII"Not recommended grey125 to 350Icon spirit glass
Hennessy "XO"Not recommended grey37Icon spirit glass
Rémy Martin "XO"Not recommended grey37Icon spirit glass
Martell "Cordon Bleu"Not recommended grey24Icon spirit glass
Hennessy "VSOP"Not recommended grey19Icon spirit glass
Rémy Martin "1738"Not recommended grey17Icon spirit glass
Rémy Martin "VSOP"Not recommended grey19Icon spirit glass
Larressingle "XO"Not recommended grey22Icon spirit glass
Hennessy "VS"Not recommended grey16Icon spirit glass
Sempe "VSOP"Not recommended grey15Icon spirit glass
Cardenal MendozaNot recommended grey11Icon spirit glass
Ansac V.S.Not recommended grey10Icon spirit glass
The Christian BrothersNot recommended grey10Icon spirit glass
Ancho Reyes Chile LiqueurNot recommended grey9.5Icon spirit glass
AperolNot recommended grey9Icon spirit glass
B&BNot recommended grey9Icon spirit glass
Bailey's Irish CreamNot recommended grey9.75Icon spirit glass
CampariNot recommended grey9.25Icon spirit glass
Carpano Antica FormulaNot recommended grey9.25Icon spirit glass
ChambordNot recommended grey8.75Icon spirit glass
Chartreuse "Green"Not recommended grey12Icon spirit glass
CointreauNot recommended grey9.75Icon spirit glass
DisaronnoNot recommended grey9.5Icon spirit glass
Domaine de Canton GingerNot recommended grey9Icon spirit glass
DrambuieNot recommended grey11.5Icon spirit glass
Fernet BrancaNot recommended grey9.5Icon spirit glass
FrangelicoNot recommended grey9.75Icon spirit glass
GallianoNot recommended grey8.5Icon spirit glass
Godiva "Dark Chocolate"Not recommended grey10Icon spirit glass
Grand MarnierNot recommended grey13.5Icon spirit glass
Grand Marnier "Cuvée du Cent Cinquantenaire 100th Anniversary"Not recommended grey36Icon spirit glass
JägermeisterNot recommended grey9.25Icon spirit glass
KahlúaNot recommended grey9.5Icon spirit glass
Kahlúa "Mocha"Not recommended grey9.25Icon spirit glass
Laird's ApplejackNot recommended grey9.25Icon spirit glass
Licor 43Not recommended grey8Icon spirit glass
Lillet "Blanc"Not recommended grey8Icon spirit glass
MidoriNot recommended grey8Icon spirit glass
Pallini "Limoncello"Not recommended grey10.25Icon spirit glass
Patron "XO Café"Not recommended grey12.5Icon spirit glass
Pimm's No. 1Not recommended grey8Icon spirit glass
Pisco PortonNot recommended grey10.5Icon spirit glass
Plymouth "Sloe Gin"Not recommended grey9.75Icon spirit glass
RootNot recommended grey10Icon spirit glass
Rothman & Winter "Creme de Violette"Not recommended grey8Icon spirit glass
SambucaNot recommended grey9.25Icon spirit glass
Sambuca Romana "White"Not recommended grey9.25Icon spirit glass
Southern ComfortNot recommended grey9.75Icon spirit glass
St. Germain ElderflowerNot recommended grey9Icon spirit glass
Tia MariaNot recommended grey9.5Icon spirit glass
TuacaNot recommended grey9Icon spirit glass
Vya "Extra Dry"Not recommended grey9Icon spirit glass
Blended Whiskeys
Crown Royal "XR"Not recommended grey30Icon spirit glass
Crown Royal "Special Reserve"Not recommended grey14Icon spirit glass
Canadian Club "Classic 12"Not recommended grey12.5Icon spirit glass
Crown RoyalNot recommended grey12.25Icon spirit glass
Crown Royal "Regal Apple"Not recommended grey12Icon spirit glass
Seagram's "VO"Not recommended grey11.25Icon spirit glass
Pendleton WhiskyNot recommended grey10Icon spirit glass
Canadian ClubNot recommended grey9.25Icon spirit glass
Flavored Vodka
Hangar One "Kaffir Lime"Not recommended grey12.25Icon spirit glass
Hangar One "Mandarin Blossom"Not recommended grey12.25Icon spirit glass
Ketel One "Citroen"Not recommended grey11.75Icon spirit glass
Ketel One Botanical "Peach Orange Blossom"Not recommended grey11.75Icon spirit glass
Ketel One Botanical "Grapefruit & Rose"Not recommended grey11.75Icon spirit glass
Ketel One Botanical "Cucumber Mint"Not recommended grey11.75Icon spirit glass
Firefly "Sweet Tea"Not recommended grey10Icon spirit glass
Deep Eddy "Peach"Not recommended grey9.5Icon spirit glass
Deep Eddy "Ruby Red"Not recommended grey9.5Icon spirit glass
Skyy "Raspberry"Not recommended grey9Icon spirit glass
Svedka "Grapefruit Jalapeño"Not recommended grey9Icon spirit glass
Absolut "Vanilia"Not recommended grey9Icon spirit glass
Monkey 47Not recommended grey22.5Icon spirit glass
Wölffer Estate Pink GinRecommended grey15Icon spirit glass
Nolet's "Silver Dry Gin"Not recommended grey15Icon spirit glass
Bruichladdich "The Botanist"Not recommended grey14Icon spirit glass
Hendrick'sNot recommended grey12Icon spirit glass
PlymouthNot recommended grey11Icon spirit glass
AviationNot recommended grey10.5Icon spirit glass
TanquerayNot recommended grey10.25Icon spirit glass
Bombay SapphireNot recommended grey10.5Icon spirit glass
BeefeaterNot recommended grey9.75Icon spirit glass
Irish Whiskies
Jameson "18 Year" Limited ReserveNot recommended grey32Icon spirit glass
Redbreast "12 Year"Not recommended grey12Icon spirit glass
Jameson "Black Barrel"Not recommended grey11.75Icon spirit glass
JamesonNot recommended grey11.25Icon spirit glass
Bushmills "Black Bush"Not recommended grey11Icon spirit glass
Tullamore DewNot recommended grey9.75Icon spirit glass
Banhez "Joven"Not recommended grey11.5Icon spirit glass
Del MagueyNot recommended grey11.25Icon spirit glass
Ron Zacapa "23 Year Systema Solario"Not recommended grey16.25Icon spirit glass
Mount Gay "XO"Not recommended grey14Icon spirit glass
Mount Gay "Black Barrel"Not recommended grey12Icon spirit glass
Zaya "16 Year"Not recommended grey14Icon spirit glass
Plantation "Stiggins' Fancy Pineapple"Not recommended grey11Icon spirit glass
Mount Gay "Eclipse"Not recommended grey11Icon spirit glass
RumHavenNot recommended grey10.5Icon spirit glass
Captain Morgan "White Rum"Not recommended grey10.25Icon spirit glass
Brugal "Extra Dry"Not recommended grey10.25Icon spirit glass
Leblon CachaçaNot recommended grey10Icon spirit glass
Pyrat "XO Reserve"Not recommended grey10Icon spirit glass
Sailor JerryNot recommended grey9.5Icon spirit glass
CruzanNot recommended grey9Icon spirit glass
RumChataNot recommended grey9Icon spirit glass
Single Malt Scotch
Macallan "18 Year"Not recommended grey52Icon spirit glass
Balvenie "21 Year Portwood"Not recommended grey42Icon spirit glass
Macallan "Rare Cask"Not recommended grey35Icon spirit glass
Macallan "15 Year"Not recommended grey28Icon spirit glass
Highland Park "18 Year"Not recommended grey25Icon spirit glass
Ardbeg "Corryvreckan"Not recommended grey24Icon spirit glass
Glenmorangie "Nectar D'Or" Sauternes CaskNot recommended grey23Icon spirit glass
Glenfiddich "18 Year"Not recommended grey23Icon spirit glass
Lagavulin "16 Year Southshore"Not recommended grey19Icon spirit glass
Oban "14 Year"Not recommended grey19Icon spirit glass
Glenmorangie "10 Year"Not recommended grey19Icon spirit glass
Glenfiddich "15 Year"Not recommended grey19Icon spirit glass
GlenDronach "Original 12 Year"Not recommended grey18Icon spirit glass
Bruichladdich "Islay Barley"Not recommended grey18Icon spirit glass
Bruichladdich "The Classic Laddie: Scottish Barley"Not recommended grey18Icon spirit glass
Macallan "12 Year"Not recommended grey18Icon spirit glass
Balvenie "14 Year Caribbean"Not recommended grey17Icon spirit glass
Dalmore "12 Year"Not recommended grey16Icon spirit glass
Glenfiddich "14 Year"Not recommended grey16Icon spirit glass
Laphroaig "10 Year Southshore"Not recommended grey16Icon spirit glass
Talisker "10 Year" Isle of SkyeNot recommended grey15.5Icon spirit glass
Glenlivet "12 Year"Not recommended grey15Icon spirit glass
Highland Park "12 Year"Not recommended grey15Icon spirit glass
Glenfiddich "12 Year"Not recommended grey15Icon spirit glass
Clynelish "14 Year"Not recommended grey15Icon spirit glass
Bunnahabhain "12 Year"Not recommended grey14.5Icon spirit glass
Balvenie "12 Year Doublewood"Not recommended grey14Icon spirit glass
Caol Ila "12 Year Southshore"Not recommended grey12Icon spirit glass
ArdmoreNot recommended grey12Icon spirit glass
Don Julio "Real"Not recommended grey85Icon spirit glass
Herradura "Seleccion Suprema"Not recommended grey75Icon spirit glass
Don Julio 1942 "Añejo"Not recommended grey40Icon spirit glass
Roca Patron "Añejo"Not recommended grey25Icon spirit glass
Patron "Silver"Not recommended grey14.5Icon spirit glass
Maestro DobelNot recommended grey13.5Icon spirit glass
1800 "Reposado"Not recommended grey11.25Icon spirit glass
Cabo Wabo "Blanco"Not recommended grey10.5Icon spirit glass
el Jimador "Reposado"Not recommended grey9.5Icon spirit glass
Sauza "Blue" SilverNot recommended grey9.25Icon spirit glass
Gran Patron SmokyNot recommended grey50Icon spirit glass
Stoli "Elit"Not recommended grey19Icon spirit glass
ChopinNot recommended grey12.75Icon spirit glass
Hangar OneNot recommended grey12Icon spirit glass
Absolut "Lime"Not recommended grey11.75Icon spirit glass
AbsolutNot recommended grey11.75Icon spirit glass
Ketel OneNot recommended grey11.75Icon spirit glass
Grey GooseNot recommended grey11.75Icon spirit glass
BelvedereNot recommended grey11.75Icon spirit glass
OceanNot recommended grey11.5Icon spirit glass
ReykaNot recommended grey11.25Icon spirit glass
Western Son VodkaNot recommended grey11Icon spirit glass
Copper Horse Old Mill VodkaNot recommended grey11Icon spirit glass
Tito'sNot recommended grey10.5Icon spirit glass
UltimatNot recommended grey10Icon spirit glass
SmirnoffNot recommended grey10Icon spirit glass
SkyyNot recommended grey9.75Icon spirit glass
SvedkaNot recommended grey9Icon spirit glass
Ruth's French Quarter Coffee
Frangelico, Hangar One vodka and vanilla ice cream
Recommended grey9.75Icon spirit glass
Keoke Coffee
Kahlua, brandy, dark creme de cacao and fresh brewed coffee; topped with whipped cream
Recommended grey9.75Icon spirit glass
Irish Coffee
Jameson Irish whiskey, and fresh brewed coffee; topped with whipped cream
Recommended grey9.75Icon spirit glass
Dessert Cocktails
The Chrissie
Frangelico, Hangar One vodka, Chambord, and Haagen-Daaz vanilla ice cream
Recommended grey12.5Icon spirit glass
Patron XO Espresso Martini
Patron XO Cafe, Baileys Irish cream, Stolichnaya Vanilla Vodka and cream
Recommended grey12.5Icon spirit glass
The Rusty Monkey
Monkey Shoulder Blended Scotch, Drambuie, and Campari
Not recommended grey13.5Icon spirit glass
Godiva Chocolate Martini
Godiva Dark Chocolate, Stolichnaya Vanilla Vodka, Kahlua and cream
Recommended grey12.5Icon spirit glass